My Food Philosophy

Hi friends – sorry for being MIA recently, I’ve been doing HSC exams (5 down, 2 to go – yes!!!) and just lazing about, telling myself I should write another post but really not being bothered to do so. However, I am now here with a post dealing with something I am quite passionate about – both food and the ethics thereof.

Let it be said, so as to remove any chance for future confusion: I am an ethical vegan. This journey, for me, began as one of a ‘recovery’ of sorts, in January 2013. I was already a vegetarian, and having done some research into veganism throughout November and December of 2012, my New Years’ Resolution was to alleviate all guilt stemming from food. Moving on from my past, I’ll fast-forward and reveal to you my food philosophy of the present; bear in mind that it is still aqueous and under constant flux, ebbing and flowing: Firstly, it must not – to the best of my ability – hurt or threaten the lives of any other sentient being. I know that in eating, I have the chance to nourish every one of my cells with every mouthful, thus I eat a lot of greens and vegetables, fruit and some whole-grains, every day. My body feels its best – like it is absolutely thriving – when I eat this way, however because I have freedom in choice and in food, sometimes I choose to nourish my spirit with what I like to call (as do many people) ‘soul foods’. These foods include, but are not limited to: my mum’s rhubarb, apple and strawberry crumble, GF west-bix, pancakes, (raw) cheesecakes and cereal (but only ever after 3:30pm; it’s a proven fact that all cereal tastes better in a mug in the afternoon, downed with some rice milk). I actively choose what I put into this lovely, young and healthy body of mine, and I always strive for balance and joy. I don’t restrict; I eat according to my goals: to stay youthful and energised, to be able to perform well athletically, to feel no guilt surrounding food or eating, to not harm any sentient being, and to take care of this vessel that is a gift. I think that’s all for today, folks, thanks for reading and I’d love for y’all to share your own food philosophies in the comments! xxx (All photos are taken from my Instagram: @mxriela) photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5-2


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